Truck Companies Use Special Equipment to Prevent Ice Missiles

Connecticut drivers know how dangerous it can be to drive in icy and snowy weather. One common hazard of the season is being pelted with heavy sheets of ice and snow that slide off the roofs of tractor-trailers. Because these vehicles are so tall, snow accumulates on top of trailers, where it hardens into an icy mass that eventually slides off, forming an “ice missile” that can seriously damage a vehicle, cause an accident, and even penetrate a driver’s windshield. Some of these sheets of snow have even caused fatal accidents when ice crashes through a windshield to hit drivers and passengers.

The problem is so serious in Connecticut, state lawmakers passed a law requiring motorists to remove accumulated ice and snow from their vehicles before driving. Motorists who violate the law face a fine of at least $75. Drivers of non-commercial vehicles who dump snow or ice on the road while driving can be fined up to $1,000 per incident. The fine is higher for commercial drivers, who must pay up to $1,250 per incident.

Heavy accumulations of snow and ice can also affect a commercial vehicle’s fuel economy and speed. “Snow and ice are a detriment,” said one fleet director. “The additional weight affects fuel mileage, and trailer roofs can collapse because of it.”

Fortunately, some commercial truck carriers are using new technology to clear trucks and trailers of snow before hitting the road. According to one trucking trade publication, new snow removal systems use a plow-like device suspended in the air to brush snow and ice from the roofs of trailers as they pass under the device.

Connecticut is not the only state with tough penalties for falling ice and snow from vehicles. Drivers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey can also be fined for injuries and vehicle damage caused by snow and ice sliding from their cars and trucks.

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