Can a Day Care Be Held Liable for Injuries?

When parents entrust their children to a day care provider, they have the right to expect their children will be well cared for, safe, and healthy. Unfortunately, some day care providers are negligent in their care. When day care providers fail to provide safe, adequate care, they can be held responsible for any injuries that result.

Tragically, day care negligence does happen. Over the summer, two boys in Oklahoma received severe second- and third-degree burns after workers at their day care failed to apply sunscreen

Pedestrian Deaths on the Rise

A recent report released by the Governor's Highway Safety Association (GHSA) reveals that pedestrian deaths are on the rise across the country. According to the report, there is a pedestrian death every two hours. Because pedestrian traffic is increasing, it is important to understand why pedestrian deaths happen and how to prevent them.

Ways to Reduce Pedestrian Deaths

The GHSA identified numerous factors that contribute to pedestrian deaths, including pedestrian distractions. Most people are aware that distracted driving is a growing problem in the

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